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postheadericon Where to get a massage in Singapore

A visit to the spa is always a good idea to soothe the stress away. You can use a relaxing massage to soothe your stress away after a tiring day at the office. It can also be useful if you just want to spend your day pampering yourself with aromatherapy, manicure, or facial.

If you are in Singapore and are looking for a quick R&R, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of reliable spa treatment providers in the country for your convenience. Read on to find out where you can find the best massages services in Singapore.

  1. Grand Spa

14 Liang Seah Street Singapore 189035

Tel: 6252 0111

At Grand Spa, you can unwind in style. Here, they offer more than the traditional spa experience. The harmonious place of wellbeing is engulfed in a haven of serenity, where you can quickly forget all the problems that causes your stress and tension. Many health enthusiasts often visit this place for their quality service, cozy atmosphere, and a personalized experience. They have well trained staff members whoare graduates from reputable massage schools with at least 5 years working experience so you can guarantee that you will get quality service. What’s more is their spa is open 24-hours a day so you can indulge in a holistic escape anytime you please.

  1. My Cozy Room Boutique

56A Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229667

Tel: 6732 0030

Need to prepare for an upcoming event like a debut or a wedding? My Cozy Room Boutique has got you covered. This spa has elegant Victorian furnishings as well as feminine décor. Their customers are mostly ladies who are preparing for a huge function. They have skilled therapists who are well trained in offering various services such as facial, massages, and other pampering treatments.

  1. Estheva Spa

6 Raffles Boulevard #05-00 Marina Mandarin Singapore

Tel: +65-6266-6833

Another haven for those who need some self pampering is Estheva Spa. Both locals and tourists frequent this spa for their most sought after treatments. They have facials and spa therapies at reasonable rates. Their stress busting services will surely help you get through a tough workweek. From expatriates to couples, they offer a wide selection of services for everyone’s need.

Sometimes all you need is to go all out and give yourself a treat at a luxury spa. After a tiring workweek, you deserve to enjoy a massage that hits all the right spots to soothe all your stress and anxiety away.

According to studies, massage work as an effective treatment for reducing stress and anxiety, pain, and even muscle tension. Here are some of the health condition a massage therapy can help treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia and other sleeping problems
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports or accident injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

However, you don’t need to feel any of these to go to a spa. The benefits of a massage go beyond all these conditions or diseases. Some people get a massage since it often brings them feelings of comfort and connection. Just be sure to ask for an expert’s advice before getting a massage, especially if you have health problems such as fractures or burns. Also, keep in mind that massage is not an alternative to any other medication.

For more information about massage and its benefits, be sure to visit Grand Spa today. You may also call their office or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

postheadericon Introducing the CEO & CoFounder of YORHealth Dennis Wong

Dennis studied electrical engineering but chose to enter the real estate market. After running into much success with his older sister and service partner, he went far for himself in the California housing scene. The two captured the eye of a handful of rich business person and quickly this poor kid from Hong Kong was a successful business owner. At 31 years old, Dennis Wong had actually demolished the cycle of hardship and discovered success in America.


As stated by Dennis, shame was a predominant element in his day-to-day. For several years, Wong wanted to go back to CN and live other people who were simply as peniless as him — or perhaps those worse off. But, Dennis Wong looks back to his dad teaching him that his life would improve if he chooses to learn how to follow in the steps of American success stories. Dennis did simply that and after briefly getting involved with the poor crowds, Dennis Wong restored his top priorities and signed up for college.


The Yor Health CEO  was born to a poor family in urban Hong Kong. Life was difficult however Yor Health CEO always discovered motivation and love from his mother, who ultimately moved the household to California with the aid of her extended family. Dennis and his household quickly changed to Western civilization, though he had problem with financial resources throughout Wong’s early stages. In among his most uncomfortable childhood recollections, Wong recalls leaving middle school in tears because his parents could not manage his favorite treat.


Then at the age of fourty, Dennis Wong was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. This, together with heart problem and blocked arteries, sufficed to reroute his attention back to what mattered most– his health and his household. This healthcare dilemma is exactly what triggered Dennis Wong to begin looking into health and nutritional items. Today, Wong works as CEO of YOR Heath and works with product developers, scientific advisors, and athletic counselors to market an exclusive line of superior nutrition.



postheadericon The link between amputation and mental health

No one but actual amputees can describe how it feels to have a limb amputated. If you have a family member or a friend who has recently undergone amputation, be on the lookout for signs of mental strain. Equip yourself with a thorough understanding of the various mental illnesses that can affect new amputees.

Also reassure amputees that they are not alone. According to the Amputee Coalition there are about two million amputees in the United States. The main causes for amputation are vascular disease (including diabetes and peripheral arterial disease) which accounts for 54 per cent, trauma which accounts for 45 per cent and cancer which accounts for less than two per cent of amputations. About 185 000 amputations are performed in the US each year and the collective cost of the hospital bills comes to a staggering US$8.3 billion.

The financial and socioeconomic impacts amputation can have are devastating but one mustn’t neglect to regularly check for mental health irregularities.


Many amputees in the US are war veterans. Recent statistics show that 20 veteran amputees commit suicide each day due to depression. Dealing with an amputation can have a severe impact on one’s mental health so this should be monitored closely. According to the Journal of Medical Psychiatry most amputees go through five stages which include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Unfortunately, depression can consume an individual’s thoughts long before they start to accept their fate.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is more common in amputees who survived combat or accidental injury. The Belgian University of Trakya evaluated 22 amputee patients and reported its findings in an article titled “Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder following traumatic amputation.”Eleven patients had work-related accidents, six were in traffic accidents, two experienced crush injuries, two endured gunshots and one suffered a severe burn wound. It was found that six months after amputation 77 per cent of these amputees suffered from severe PTSD. Only five of the 22 patients’ mental health was regarded as normal.

What can I do?

If you suspect that a love done might be suffering from depression or PTSD following amputation, consult a qualified psychiatric practitioner before you attempt to help him or her. Also talk to your doctor about consulting a prosthetics professional for a custom-made prosthesis; this helps amputees return to their normal lives and it assists with reintegration into society.

Read about amputation. This cannot be stressed enough; be sure to be educated about amputation and the effects thereof. Be supportive at all times. It is normal to get stressed or frustrated but do not express this in front of the amputee.


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postheadericon Narinder Grewal, MD: Experienced Anesthesiology Specialist In Southern California

People all over the valley of Southern California count on the proficiency and sympathy of Dr. Narinder Grewal, MD. Doctor Grewal has been an expert of interventional pain management treatments for over 25 years. He and his clinical practice have already helped countless people recover reduced range of motion, raise function, and reduce or eradicate the draining pain stemming from soft tissue health issues. Narinder Grewal has won the appreciation of his patients and many other health care professionals similarly regarding Grewal’s passion to rendering through health care with the patients’ enhanced overall health at the center of his practice.

Grewal developed the APM and Neurology Group in Santa Clarita, California. His anesthesiology firm offers multiple sites throughout LA County and provides solutions to individuals in cities like Panorama, Van Nuys, and Antelope Valley. The variety of facilities provide patients with a large assortment of innovative therapies as well as surgical procedures, all produced to relieve the discomfort resulting from injury or musculoskeletal disorders. The clinical workers gathered for the patients consists of partner pain management professionals, nurse specialists, and physician helpers, each who bring with them many decades of experience to form for the clients’ goals.

Amongst the countless conditions managed by the clinical group of Advanced Pain Management (APM) include:

Serious Headaches, Cervical & Back Radiculopathy, Sciatica, Pain resulting from Myofascial, Pain resulting from tumors, Secondary Neuropathic Ache, as well as Fibromyalgia.

Treatment can consist of both non-invasive and invasive methods. The professional medical practice controls an outpatient surgical treatments resource for the more difficult patient situations. Operative treatment might incorporate the implantation of neurostimulators and narcotic injections. Popular solutions for orthopedic pain issues involve Epidural , PRP, known as Plasma-Rich injections, Occipital nerve stops, High-frequency excisions, injections at trigger points, as well as injections of stem cells.

Among the aspects that have indeed really helped Dr. Narinder S. Grewal, MD, stand out from his peers is definitely his firm advocacy for patients. The doctor feels that the patient himself- or herself is a vital piece in the pain management treatment plan. By supplying his client’s strength to grow into active participants in the treatment option process, Narinder has uncovered that end results are actually dramatically increased. Investment in the treatment solution activity helps ensure specialist instructions are followed, medicines are had, and any physical therapies are facilitated. The overall result is men and women have the ability to pursue more joyous, far healthier lifestyles, without the suffering and displeasure which caused the initial treatment.

Grewal is board certified within two governing health groups, the American Society of Anesthesiology and also the AAPM. Besides his board certifications, he is currently an active affiliate of professional associations such as the Spinal Modulation Society and the United States Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, amidst many others.

From being involved in these types of specialist groups, Dr. Grewal is able to vastly improve his learning and education and 20 years of knowledge in the pain management field. Visibility to new treatment methods assists him to provide well-known anesthesiology systems and practices to the customers of his various medical clinics in the San Fernando Valley. Narinder Grewal, MD, has been the finest option for people near the Santa Clarita region of Central California for twenty years. The stellar individual health care and his expansive solution offerings are a testament of the sympathy he shows for the patients he has served to help. Beating discomfort and impairment is what Dr. Grewal has dedicated his profession to. You can learn almost everything there is to know at